Christian Faith & Practice I (IDS100P)

Course Memo

Together with IDS101 these courses present a survey of the basic Christian doctrines, as they are understood by the central Christian traditions integrated with the application of those doctrines in ethical issues. Includes an introductory examination of the doctrine of God, Christology, humanity, sin, salvation, the church, and last things. Ethical issues addressed are contemporary "hot topics" but are firmly rooted in biblically based theology by being integrated through out these two courses.


Title Author ISBN Year Edition Price
Beyond Bumper Sticker Ethics Steve Wilkens 9780830839360 2011   0.00
Created for Community Stanley J. Grenz 9780801021831 1998   0.00
Gospel Virtues Jonathan R. Wilson 9781592447947 2004   0.00
How to think Theologically Howard W. Stone 9780800699321 2013 3rd 0.00