Global Leadership Practices (LDR453P)

PREREQUISITE COURSES FOR Global Leadership Practices

Course Description Credits Course Type Code
HTH274P Leadership Principles Credits: 3 Crs Type: O
ICS150P Global Christian Citizenship Credits: 3 Crs Type: O

Course Memo

Preparation for field placement is an essential component for developing well trained cross-cultural workers. To maximize the opportunity of working in a cross-cultural environment the candidates need to be prepared on a spiritual and a personal level. This course allows them to explore the areas of spiritual disciplines, personal preparation, developing team dynamics, and skills for cross-cultural adaptation. The emphasis is on practical skills to enable the students to gain the most out of their cross-cultural experience. Prerequisite: HTH274 Leadership Principles and ICS150 Global Christian Citizenship


Title Author ISBN Year Edition Price
Cross-cultural servanthood Duane Elmer 9780830833788 2006   0.00
Ministering cross-culturally Sherwood G. Lingenfelter 9780801097478 2016 3rd 0.00
Serving with Eyes Wide Open David A. Livermore 9780801015199 2012 Revised 0.00
Your Leadership Grip Paul R. Ford 9781889638232 2007   0.00