Old Testament Historical Books (BBL217P)

PREREQUISITE COURSES FOR Old Testament Historical Books

Course Description Credits Course Type Code
BBL220P Pentateuch Credits: 3 Crs Type: O

Course Memo

This course takes the student on a journey through the historical books of the Old Testament from Joshua - Esther. Throughout this course we observe the literary style used by the historians to weave the narrative of Israel's history. The form and context of these books are examined according to the Hebrew tradition to delineate the theological perspectives of each historian. This course also examines how each historian presents key figures such as prophets and kings differently, giving us insight into the original audience's perception of these important figures and how God's purposes were fulfilled throughout history. The purpose of this course is to gain an awareness of the deep theological questions asked throughout the history of Israel and draw in the rich theological themes of history into continuity with modern day living. History's lessons serve to give us courage in the present and hope in the future. Prerequisite: BBL220 Pentateuch


Title Author ISBN Year Edition Price
Exploring the Old Testament, Volume 2: A Guide to Philip E. Satterthwaite 9780830853106 2016   0.00