Theological Foundations of Pastoral Leadership (LDR432P)

PREREQUISITE COURSES FOR Theological Foundations of Pastoral Leadership

Course Description Credits Course Type Code
HTH274P Leadership Principles Credits: 3 Crs Type: O

Course Memo

Effective ministry is grounded in sound theology. This course offers students opportunity to engage in theological study and reflection that relates to several aspects of local church ministry: the nature and biblical mandate of the church, the pastoral role, communion, baptism, marriage, divine healing, etc. The course explores various theological traditions with an aim to help students shape a theological framework for future ministry. Prerequisite: HTH274 Leadership Principles


Title Author ISBN Year Edition Price
Minding the Good Ground Jason E. Vickers 9781602583603 2011   0.00
Pastor William H. Willimon 9780687045327 2002   0.00