Cultural Intelligence Strategies (LDR454P)

PREREQUISITE COURSES FOR Cultural Intelligence Strategies

Course Description Credits Course Type Code
HTH274P Leadership Principles Credits: 3 Crs Type: O
ICS150P Global Christian Citizenship Credits: 3 Crs Type: O

Course Memo

Cultural Intelligence is more than just a fancy way of expressing cultural sensitivity. One can be culturally sensitive and yet still fail to be cross culturally effective. Simply knowing about other cultures, using language and understanding culturally dynamics will not guarantee cross cultural success. The science of CQ has been studied across over 50 countries and has proven to be the only Scientific Intelligence model that crosses cultures. This course deepens the students understanding of Cultural Intelligence and develop methods and strategies for cultural intelligent ministry raising the chance of cross cultural effectiveness greatly. Prerequisite: HTH274 Leadership Principles and ICS150 Global Christian Citizenship


Title Author ISBN Year Edition Price
Handbook of cultural intelligence Soon Ang 9780765622624 2009   0.00
Leading with Cultural Intelligence David Livermore 9780814449172 2015   0.00